I am disappointed in Nana Addo’s government – Npp Executive member

I am disappointed in Nana Addo’s government – NPP Executive member

A polling station executive member for the ruling NPP party in the Ellembelle Constituency in the Western region, Kwame Afful Isaac has today 12/06/2018 expressed worries and disappointment in the President of Ghana Nana Addo for neglecting the NPP members in Ellembelle constituency.



I used to be a proud member of the Kukrudu’s family but now I am a disappointed and disgruntled member of this family, I know for a fact that thousands of our sympathizers and card bearing members are disappointed in this region and are keeping mute because if you complain you hear party leaders telling you to keep quiet and defend your party even if you are disgruntled but I keep asking myself what are we doing to ourselves and our great party called NPP, over one and half year now and everything is standstill and if you come out to complain they will tell you that you are destroying the party mean while they destroying the party.

I am a polling station executive member at Esiama Post office in Ellembelle Constituency and I know for a fact that a lot of my colleagues are frustrated but they are toothless bulldogs bcos they can be suspended from the party then ask yourself a question, if Professor Ken Attafuah can sign a dubious deal all in the name of Ghana card and Ursula Owusu can also sign a scandalous deal like kelniGvG, you could even hear names like Asenso Boakye, Abu Jinapo, Alfred Obeng Boateng and co are not bringing the name of the party into disrepute what about an ordinary polling station executive member Isaac Kwame Afful brings the name of the party into disrepute.

Fellow Ghanaians the NPP cannot compare itself to the NDC for now because what we are doing to those who went to the trenches, the hinterlands and the villages to canvas votes for H.E Nana Akufo Addo is not good at all hence consequences ahead;

How can the President promise the people of Evalue-Ajomoro Constituency a new District Hospital to be built in Axim leaving the people of Ellembelle who don’t have any, is Mr. President been a mischievous or he doesn’t know the facts, the people of Axim have a government hospital so you just have to face lift it and move on to Ellembelle who have nothing like that or can we ask questions?

Did the NPP government move the DVLA to Evalue-Ajomoro Constituency?

Did they moved the supposed Sports Center to Evalue-Ajomoro Constituency and now the President himself whiles in his three days tour in the Western Region promised the people of Axim a District Hospital while he was reading his speech at Tarkwa-Nsuaem.

How can we compare ourselves to the NDC people mean while they are all laughing at the teaming unemployed youth of our party.

Come to think of it how can we register 120 people in Esiama under the LEAP program and only 14 people were covered and the rest are thrown out..

How can you tell an uneducated person who wants to sweep under the zoomlion program to attend interview was this done under the NDC government?

Majority of Ghanaians are silent and majority of the people of Ellembelle are also silent watching the pain that this government is inflicting on us.

There is always silent majority which can ditch your government irrespective of the free education that we always talk about, caution Mr. President going round in the country receiving praises from the Chiefs mean while those who campaigned for you are not praising you except the very little that they are enjoying now.

As for the Chiefs they will always praise you because their “T&T will be there so they have no option than to heed the praise on you but those who worked for you in 2008, 2012 and 2016 general elections are disgruntled because you feel comfortable working with the NDC people and we know a lot of your appointees are very very comfortable in dealing with the NDC members and I warned nobody should call me and say I have brought the name of the party into disrepute I am solely responsible for what ever been said here and nobody should blame anyone of what I have said wai and I am entitled to my own opinions and please wait for the heavy one next week.

Thank you all.


Kwame Afful Isaac, Polling Station Executive Member in Ellembelle Constituency in the Western Region. AMD a member of Team I See (Defeated Constituency Chairman)

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