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How to save marriage in a minute

Dear Friend,

You and your spouse are arguing, barely speaking to each other and your home is filled with a cold, heartbreaking tension. If you have children, every time you look at them your heart breaks because you think of the impending disaster that is about to be what was once a happy family and marriage.

I know.

I have been there.

This is one of the most difficult things a person will ever have to go through. Yet, it happens – every single day. Usually it happens to a couple that still has mountains of love for each other, but just can’t seem to get past the obstacles that are keeping them apart.

You are torn between the love you still have for your spouse and your desire to work the marriage out and the nagging feeling that things have gone too far. You sometimes wonder if starting over is the right thing to do, but then you’re filled with sorrow and love for your marriage, your spouse and your family.


I had almost given up on the hope of ever being able to save my marriage. I guess the reason was not that we were incompatible but the fact that we had both been laid off due to recession. We were finding it difficult to pay our bills and the rising tensions often led to unnecessary and heated arguments between me and my husband. But I am glad that I stumbled upon your site and also managed to convince myself to buy your eBook. I and my husband have now found where we were going wrong and have corrected our ways all thanks to you. God Bless You.

Who am I and why am I just assuming that your marriage can be saved – when I’ve never met you or your spouse in my entire life?

Well for starters, I’ll tell you that I’ve saved my own marriage. While that doesn’t qualify me for a prize or anything – you should know that although infidelity had occurred in my marriage and all trust was broken down, I was able to fix it. My spouse and I were at the point where we were so heartbroken and torn down by what occurred in our lives, that at one point, I honestly felt that we would never be able to make it right…

But we did.

Aside from that, I’ve helped countless individuals just like you save their marriages – even when the marriage was at the very brink of disaster. Even when neither spouse honestly felt as though the marriage had one single chance in hell of surviving!

I’ve seen these methods work hundreds and hundreds of times – for different couples in different situations, with different problems. And I’m quite sure they will work for your marriage as well.

It is possible to Save Marriage Right Now, and I’m going to show you how. While marriages crumble and fail for many different reasons, this guide is designed to work on all marriages and all marriage problems – including:

Communication Breakdown – The breakdown of communication is one of the most common problems within a marriage. A lot of this stems from men and women sending and interpreting information differently. Over time, the lack of communication can corrode the strong foundation of a marriage, but you can rebuild that foundation.

With the techniques and methods I’ll show you in this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to pinpoint issues that cause lack of communication and rebuild a fresh, new and solid foundation for your marriage.

Infidelity and Distrust – While it’s very unfortunate, sometimes infidelity does happen within a marriage and the blow is so devastating, you may think you can never find happiness again within that same marriage. The lack of trust that is a side effect of infidelity eats away at what’s left of the marriage like acid.

Many people think you can’t rebuild a marriage that has been shattered by infidelity – but I say that if there is one inkling of love still left, any marriage can be rebuilt, and I’ll show you how.

Financial or Parental Disagreements – While these may seem like two small issues, both are leading causes of divorce in the United States today. When something is ingrained in us so deeply, it’s very difficult to compromise and see another point of view.

Marriages that are beaten down by a constant disagreement of these fundamentals can often seem hopeless – but with the methods and techniques in ‘Save Marriage Right Now,’ you’ll learn how to meet on common ground and solve the issues that are threatening to ruin your marriage forever!

You’ll learn how to save your marriage and rebuild it – no matter what has happened. Guaranteed.

I’m so confident that the ‘Save Marriage Right Now’ guide and videos will work for you that I’ve created a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you feel for some reason that this package isn’t working for your marriage – and you know that you’ve put 110% into saving your marriage, I’ll refund every single penny of your purchase price.

Why? Because I honestly feel within my heart that these methods can work for any couple, any marriage no matter WHAT problems that marriage has faced. You just let me know within 60 days of your order that you’re not satisfied and you’ll get every red cent back – guaranteed!

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