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How To Know That You Are In A Mature Relationship

Dating and relationships occur within a very wide spectrum. People are cool to be in relationships in their teens, just as they are in their 40s and 50s.

The distance between the two age groups makes it obvious that a lot of stuff would be different in the approach to things, and in their outlook to love, life and everything in between.

When you also consider that human beings are naturally just different from each other, it makes further sense and becomes more obvious that relationships are definitely going to be different and there will relationships that could be termed ‘mature’ and some that would be tagged ‘immature.’

While age may be a deciding factor in whether a relationship will be mature or not, it is not the only thing that places a relationship on the category of mature or immature.

To know that your relationship is a mature one, this is what to look out for:

Where is the trust?

Trust is a trait of maturity. Knowing that the other person could break your heart, knowing that the relationship could end up badly [the chance is there in every relationship] and still choosing to trust and hope for the best is a maturity characteristic.

Mature partners trust each other and always give each other reasons for the trust to grow. How involved are outsiders?

If your relationship keeps external influences out completely or to the very barest minimum, you are doing it right and yours can really be said to be a mature relationship.

Mature relationships are very, very personal, usually private especially on the issues that really concern the relationship.

This necessary reticence does not even have anything to do with the age of the man and woman, it is just a maturity trait that can be found in any couple just as it could be missing in any couple as well.

Those who have it can pat themselves on the back – that is a sign of a mature relationship.


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