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How Nigerian Man Ran Away From His Wedding After Hearing Strange Voices

In a series trending on Facebook about the worst wedding one has been to, a Nigerian woman who identifies as Funmi Abiodun on the platform revealed in details how a man absconded shortly before the commencement of his wedding after hearing a strange voices in his head urging him to ran away.

According to Funmi Abiodun, who shared the story, she revealed that;

”We sang continuously in the church while the wife was in the car outside waiting for the arrival of the groom, after a long period of time, we observed that the clergy men were moving up and down talking in a low tone, at the end of the day we were asked to go home the weddings has been postponed.

(Trust Nigerians, instead of calling a spade a spade, we prefer to refer to it as an Agricultural equipment) Most people who were not in the church were already at the reception at Island club onikan Lagos before they heard the News, months later, The husband surfaced, he said that on that day he heard voices in his head telling him to ran away. Any way, the rest is history”

Her story sparked mixed reactions among other social media users who also used the medium to tell their own awful experience they experience attending weddings.

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