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How I was almost raped at the age of 11 – Actress Voiced Out

In a chat with TS Weekend, 15 year old Nollywood actress, Daniella Okoye revealed how she was almost raped at the age of 11 while at a fashion show. According to her, she was lured into a room by the pedophile who immediately shut the door and pinned her to the wall. Luckily for her, someone came to her rescue as she screamed for help.
“I was just a toddler then. I was 11. It was a traumatic experience I will never forget. But for providence, I would have been raped at a fashion show somewhere in Lagos, but I wouldn’t mention the place. First of all, the guy asked me to come inside the changing room, so I innocently went inside to change my costume for the next round of the show when he suddenly locked the door, got close to me aggressively and pinned me to the wall. But God Almighty sent someone that came to rescue me when I shouted with a loud voice.
Speaking further, Daniella Okoye said rape is a terrible experience no woman should go through.
“It was a terrible experience. Rape is not what any woman should go through. It’s a total abuse of womanhood. Though, I have forgiven the guy who tried to rape me, I (thank) God that my mother and manager, Ebuka Peters are always around me to protect me these days”, she said.
She added that the experience motivated her to start a cause which educates girls on how to relate with the opposite sex.
“In all of these, I have been motivated to start up a cause tagged: ‘Educate a Girl Child’. The reason is not far-fetched. When a girl child is educated, she knows her rights and has street credibility especially regarding to how to relate with the opposite sex anywhere she finds herself,” she said.

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