Horror: Suspected witch Turns Snake

The Oshakati community was left baffled after three school children, according to reports, started slithering like snakes and channeling the voice of a known villager.
According to New Era, the youngest of the three, a 12-year-old boy, started behaving strangely after killing a snake two years ago. The other two, 15 and 16-years-old, began behaving “erratically” .
Community members linked their behaviour to witchcraft as people gathered at the Emono school to witness this strange incident.
A woman who lives in the area was accused of conducting an alleged ritual that led to the childrens erratic behaviour.
There have been other incidents of what was said to be witchcraft in Namibia. Namely when a clay pot caused a stir in the informal settlement of Havana, according to reports
The pot, which contained a cloth with a needle stuck in it, was found outside a resident’s house.
The man who found the strange objects on his doorstep, Abraham Matias, said he’d found similar items in his yard.

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