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Heartbreaking: Mother abandons newborn baby in a Toilet bin

In fact I am very speechless and dumbfounded as I am writing this story, because I never knew or even imagined a human being and woman for that matter can be this heartless and wicked!

Internewsnetwork  has chance on a heartbreaking video of a newborn baby who was abandoned by the mother in Kumasi.

The sad video captures the moment the few months old baby was discovered in a toilet by the residence of Breman, where the incidence happened.

Mother Abandons Newborn Baby In A Toilet Bin

In the video you could see that, the innocent baby’s mouth was filled with toilet papers to prevent him from crying out loud to the hearing of the people in the neighborhood. Sheer wickedness at the highest level.

But God being so good an old lady heard the tiny cry of the baby in the bin and called others to help her retrieve and rescue the baby who was in a near-death situation.

Mother Abandons Newborn Baby In A Toilet Bin

Fast forward after the baby’s rescue, a woman from the gathered crowd who was touched by the baby’s cry could be heard in the background telling the people who discovered the baby to hand over the baby to her for upkeep.

At that very moment God came into the innocent baby’s rescue. We hope and pray for this innocent baby to be safe.



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