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Health Benefits Of Jute Leaf To Human Body (Ewedu)

Though just using this funny moments to let everyone knows health benefits of jute leaf which Yoruba name is ewedu.

The funny things there is that many people mostly and merely eat jute leave but don’t actually know the useful on how does it works in the body and which part of the body systems does it work for, but many of us consuming it are just consuming it as food which is wrong,but the know the actual works every food do in the body systems.


The following are the health/medicinal benefits of Ewedu leaf:

(1) It enhances bowel movement.

(2) It is good for beautification of the skin.

(3) Ewedu contains anti-oxidants that protect the body from certain medical conditions and chronic diseases.

(4) It contains beneficial micronutrients.

(5) It is used as home remedy in the treatment of illnesses that involve constipation, dysentery, and related stomach conditions.

(6) It contains beta-carotene like Vitamin A for improving vision.

(7) It helps in protection against degenerative diseases, because it contains Vitamins A, C and E.

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