Headteacher in “Kitchen stool” video finally speaks

According to the news source, Mr. Robert Seppey, confessed to investigators of the Ghana Education Service (GES) sent to assess his conduct so as to decide if he acted according to the Ghana Education Service’s code of ethics.

Prior to speaking with GES investigators, Mr. Seppey had gone into hiding after the viral video was initially leaked. Reports had it that he was afraid the youth in the area would lynch him.

While an investigation into his conduct is still currently being undertaken, authorities have relieved the dishonored headteacher of his duties concerning the Adumanu D/A Basic School.

Miss Priscilla Tettey, the young lady involved in the sex tape with Mr. Robert Seppey, has since spoken up and said she was not raped, but that she and Mr. Richard Seppey have been lovers for a while.

Source: Yen Gh

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