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Ghanaian herbalist claims finding cure for coronavirus

Ghanaian herbalist claims finding cure for coronavirus

A herbalist living in Agona in the Sekyere South District of the Ashanti Region claimed that he can do what the largest nations in the world have not been able to do so far to cure the deadly coronavirus and with nothing but herbs.



In press conference held in his clinic, Dr Yaw Boadi who is the CEO of Dr Boadi herbal center said no disease or ailment is able to withstand his remedies, as he went on to claim that he has cured dozens of conditions from epilepsy to other chronic disease.






“I saw doctors on TV taking X-rays of coronavirus patients. I know a thing or two about X-rays. The virus lodges in the lungs and destroys it. I regularly treat asthma, bronchitis and lung cancer, so I know. If these are treatable, it (the coronavirus) should be too. I can tell the medicine will cure coronavirus with a 95% or 100% success rate,” Dr Boadi said as he admitted his only knowledge about the virus that killed more than 2,000 people and spread to almost every single country was limited to the news on TV.

Calling on authorities to seize his too good to be true cure, Dr Boadi said he just wants to help people. “None of my medicines are duds. I analyze all my treatments and adjust them accordingly. I don’t make this stuff up. I just want to help people,” he said.







To prove his credibility and to dispel any doubts about his cure, Dr Boadi further boasted about his past achievements. He said that he saved a patient who managed to host three types of Hapetitis in his body without dying. Dr Boadi said that in just four months, he treated the patients and that the man is still alive enjoying his life.






Elaborating on his solution for the coronavirus, Dr Boadi said his medicine was a mixture of local onion, garlic, lemon juice and coconut juice that would kill the virus. “The government can have it and run tests on it. It will cure a patient within 15 to 20 day.


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