Ghanaian Boxer exchanges blows with Comedian on live TV, presenter frightened

The viral video of Ghanaian boxer, Ayittey Powers beating up Comedian Baba Spirit has caused a stir on social media.

Ayittey Powers lost his cool on a live TV show and assaulted Baba Spirit after the latter made comments that didn’t go down well with him.

Powers, before the blow, said: “If I know like you people will invite this guy, like I won’t come,” but Baba Spirit replied him….What can you do.”‎

As Baba Spirit was talking, Ayittey Powers pounced on him and gave the comedian some wild punches.

The swift intervention of two men in the studio prevented the fight from escalating.

According to GhanaWeb, this is about the third time the two had engaged in a brawl.

The bad blood between Baba Spirit and Ayittey Powers date back to August 2017, after the comedian said he would beat the controversial boxer like a woman. Baba Spirit has allegedly been throwing tantrums at the boxer amidst mockery after the latter lost to Bukom Banku.

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