The head Pastor of Last Stop Prayer Ministry, Prophet Julius Attarchie has stated that Ghana is sick and needs special attention.
The head pastor of Last Stop Prayer Ministry is yet to come to terms with the reason why Ghana is endowed with many natural resources but it people are suffering.

Prophet Attarchie linked the situation of Ghana to a patient at an emergency care unit in a hospital who needs special care.

According to him, things are not going as it suppose to be because of the lukewarm attitude of Ghanaians and selfishness on the part of it’s leaders.
“Ghana is sick and needs special antidote, however, we should not lay the blame at the doorstep of any individual or the president, rather ,we should blame ourselves as a country”, he claimed.

The man of God was of the view that the destiny of Ghana is in the hands of Ghanaians, therefore the people own a sole duty to put their axe together to develop the country.

Prophet Julius Attarchie hinted that over reliance of Ghana on the Western countries is causing more harm than good because most of their aides tie Ghanaian leaders hands for not able to come out with social interventions that can cushion the suffering of the masses.
He professed that Ghana will forever be wallowing in poverty if the leaders continue to be under the seemly shade of the Western world.

“It will be difficult for us to develop as a country if we do not stop going to the Western countries for aide and other helps because a white man will not help without he not benefiting”, he asserted.

He said, Ghana can even extend financial assistance to Africa countries if the leaders set their priorities right and according to him , the State has what it takes to be self sufficient.


Evans Kwaku Oboafi Junior HARDROCK

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