Ghana Ready to Implement Legal Timber Agreement – Forestry Commission

Ghana is now ready for the final assessment of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) that will ensure that timber and timber products exported to the European Union (EU) come from legal sources. The implementation of the final assessment will enable Ghana to begin the issuance of the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) licence.

The Director of the Timber Validation Department of the Forestry Commission, Mr Chris Beeko, announced this at the Food and Agricultural Organisation FAO-EU FLEGT programme on knowledge-sharing among three countries, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Laos People’s Democratic Republic in Accra.

The programme, comprising a two-day conference, field trips and discussions on challenges which each country is facing in developing its VPA and timber legality assurance system (TLAS).

Both DR Congo and the Laos People’s Democratic Republic have sought support in moving forward with their own trade agreements with the EU and expressed interest in details of Ghana’s experience.

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