How to get a man to marry you – Two Steps

Contrary to popular belief with human kind, just like in the animal kingdom it is the female who chooses her mate.

Of course, the woman goes into all manner of effort to make it seem otherwise but well she does everything to get the man to marry her – including making him think it was here idea. Here are a few ideas to get a man to marry you

1. Pregnancy– Getting pregnant is the ultimate high stakes bet; you would win big or could lose everything. You should only use this method If the said target has displayed a sense of duty, has expressed his views about children and if you are ready for the possibility of him walking away. Men nowadays have become somewhat immune to this approach – so only deploy this when you have studied all your odds

2. Moving in with him- most men cannot resist regular sex and regular good home cooking. Once again, once you have identified the target you can wiggle your way into his house and make yourself a fixture in his life. The important thing is to ensure that you move into his house(he must never move into your house), and also work on getting pregnant very soon after moving in.

Of course just like plan 1- this could backfire, but it offers a higher chance of success. Again, most men find it hard to walk away from regular sex, a clean house and good home cooking

In all of these if you can find a way of currying affection with his family, then you are well on your way to the altar. Ensure that his mother likes you a lot – because many mothers have been known to push their sons to the altar.

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