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G4S Security Guard Protecting Chinese Property Beaten Senselessly

G4S Security Guard Protecting Chinese Property Beaten Senselessly

City council Askaris patrolling the streets of Nairobi DAILY NATION
A G4S security guard was on Thursday clobbered by Nairobi City County askaris who had raided Tom Mboya street with an intention of arresting hawkers.

Francis Oketch recounted to the Nation that the askaris pounced on him after the hawkers fled, and the askaris started scattering the wares they had left behind all over the place.

Oketch revealed that he pleaded with them not to throw wares towards the shop which houses phones and accessories shop on the ground floor but his pleas fell on deaf ears

“As they were throwing the hawkers’ wares all over the place, I told them to stop directing them at the building I was guarding as it has glass windows that could easily break, he narrated.

A boda boda operator engages a county askari in a fist fight
“One askari came and slapped me and as I was asking why he was assaulting me, his colleagues started kicking me and I fell on the veranda. Still, they kept kicking me until I fainted,” he added.

Oketch further revealed that his fear of losing his job drove him to react the way he did.

“The owners are Chinese and I knew if something happened to their shop I would be to blame as I have been hired to protect the businesses,” explained Oketch.

Oketch was then taken to the hospital by the shop attendants and later his employer took him for scans at Nairobi West Hospital.

“I’m in a lot of pain and it is unfair for kanjo to have beaten me when I was just doing my job,” he stated.

The Deputy Director in the department of inspectorate Eva Wairuko promised to investigate the matter.