Former YEA deputy Co-ordinator arrested by BNI?

Luv News has learnt of the reported arrest of former Deputy Co-ordinator of the erstwhile National Youth Employment Agency (YEA) in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration, Alhassan Tapsoba.

He is said to have been picked up from his residence in Kumasi on Monday by unidentified persons and relatives say they have not heard from him since.

His wife has filed a complaint on the disappearance to the Ashanti Regional Police Command on Wednesday.

She, however, declined to comment on the issue except to say it is being handled in Accra by people she will not name.

Police are also tight-lipped over the matter but Luv News sources suggest personnel of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) arrested Alhaji Tapsoba.

Checks also reveal security agents had traced to him, alleged threatening message to an unnamed member of the investigative group, Tiger Eye P.I., in Kumasi.

It comes on the heels of the killing of another member, Ahmed Hussain-Suale, at Madina in Accra last week Wednesday.

Luv News also learns some NDC functionaries have received news on the purported arrest.


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