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Ladies and gentlemen from the media houses, Regional Executives of United Zongo for Bawumia all personalities present, we have invited you here this morning to respond to an unguided outburst recently made against Dr. Bawumia by Mr.Asiedu Nketia of the NDC .





Mr. Aseidu Nketia at the recent celebration of June 4th in Tamale, made some statements, ‘warning Dr. Bawumia to stop carrying himself as the next flag bearer of the NPP’. A comment we find unfortunate and unwarranted!
The Northern Regional executives of United Zongo for Bawumia wish to remind Asiedu Nketia that Dr.Bawumia is a moslem before a politician and as moslems, the Quran enjoins us to seek leadership from the Almighty God. Dr. Bawumia will always seek the guidance of the Almighty God.
In this regard, Dr.Bawumia will always seek the guidance of the Almighty God before taking any step, especially leading a great party like the NPP.
He further mentioned; ‘it is impossible for Dr. Bawumia to be flag bearer of the NPP’. A laughable claim borne out of confusion, fear and pessimism that continue to put the NDC backward. What has ever been possible to the NDC? National health insurance was impossible, Free Senior High School was impossible, even Teacher and Nurses Allowances was not possible under the NDC.




It beats our imagination and it’s the least of warnings we expected from Mr. Nketia at this time; especially when the NDC is struggling to find a match for Dr. Bawumia as a running mate to ‘the incompetent one’’.
Ladies and gentlemen, it has been made clear that Mr. Asiedu Nketia expressed interest in the Running mate slot, but, he was disqualified for not meeting a quarter of the Bawumia’s standard they set for themselves is now giving a warning.





Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, Aseidu Nketia also said Dr. Bawumia should create constituencies in his strongholds before he can become a flag bearer. How many constituencies did the incompetent one creates in Bole before he won your flag bearership race? Such bigottery should not be encourage in our body politics..





We have always known that Dr. Bawumia remain the NDC’s headache and potentially for a longer time; and it’s understandable some people may want to start fighting a battle meant for the future, today! So we could have given him the benefit of the doubt, but, not at a time when the NDC lacks a campaign message and even a running mate!
Mr. Nketia and the NDC should for now, focus on getting the incompetent Mahama a running mate and a relevant campaign messages!
It must also be disregarded that Dr. Bawumia is carrying himself as next flagbearer of the NPP as mentioned by Aseidu Nketia.This is unsubstantiated claim and the general public must disregard it. But, it is only natural that the masses including Mr. Aseidu Nketia sees Dr. Bawumia as such considering his track records, his potentials and level of competence exhibited as Vice President.
He is a rarity in Ghanaian public life, a cultivated, witty and articulate politician whose popularity is unblemished.





So, in any future event, as Mr. Nketia seems to put it,that Dr. Bawumia puts himself up for the flag bearership of the NPP, it falls strictly in the hands of the descending delegates and membership of the NPP to endorse his candidature or not. He needs to know that it has never been in his hands and it will never be in his domain to determine who becomes a flag bearer of the NPP or not!
Friends for the Media, Ladies and gentlemen; we are grateful for your time, even though this was a short notice you made all efforts to attend.
Have a nice day.




United Zongo for Bawumia
1.Alhaji Muazu Issaka
020 640 8699
2. Nana Arthur
Deputy National Communication Director
055 164 5849
3.Northern Regional Communication Officer
4. Mohammed Abdul Karim OLIVER
Northern Regional Chairman

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