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Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About CSU

Christ Symbolic Union International (CSU) is a non-denominational youthful organization founded by Apostle Vinny Max Bani. The organization is committed to affecting the lives of many with the WORD of GOD and causing them to walk in their destinies. In this article, we shall discuss five things you perhaps, did not know about CSU.

  1. CSU organizes the International Youth Destiny Summit

CSU is the organizer of the International Youth Destiny Summit (IYDS), an annual biblical entrepreneurship summit hosted by the founder, Apostle Vinny Max Bani. The event empowers the youth to be that beacon of hope and make significant differences wherever they find themselves.

  1. CSU started with one member.

CSU started as a “leader-follower” meeting between the founder and his disciple, Michael Owusu Ansah. Apostle Vinny Max Bani’s focus, passion and diligence in mentoring the youth has seen CSU blossom.

  1. They are not a Church.

Though the organization is not a church, they have been able to train many by teaching the unadulterated WORD of GOD in a way that cannot be overlooked. Proof is the confidence that members and alumni exude; confidence which stems from knowing who they are and WHO they have.

  1. They are mostly school based.

Nationally, CSU has been running in Junior and Senior High Schools all over Ghana since its inception. They are of firm belief that those who find themselves in these stages of life are not too young to be powerful.

  1. They were accused as occultist some Senior High Schools.

The organization was once thought occult when a book by the founder was claimed to have contained occult doctrines. The GES caused the remove of the books from the various schools. The media debated the matter for over a week and many published their opinions against the allegations.

Learn more about CSU at Interact with them on Facebook – @ChristSymbolicUnion. Instagram and Twitter – @CSUfeed

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