Five scandals that hit Ghana Education Service

Five scandals that hit Ghana Education Service

Ghana Education Service news is now at the top of the trending news after the viral of many shameful scandals. Ministry of Ghana Education has opened investigations against ghana education service recruitment scandals.

Students were physically abused by teachers at Ejisuman Senior High School!
According to a report of the investigating committee of Ghana Education Service students of Ejisuman Senior High School were physically harassed by some of the teachers of their school.

As per the report around 10 students have reported to the committee about how they are being forced by their teachers for physical intimation. Some of the non-teaching staffs of the school are also involved in this shameful scandal reported by some of the students.
The Ghana Education Service has directed the Ashanti Regional Directorate to investigate allegations of mass physical abuse of the students of Ejisuman Senior High School.

Extortion scandal hits Ghana Education Service Recruitment at Nkwanta Office!
Ghana education service regional office accra in Nkwanta north district of the Volta Region takes money from the candidates who apply for consideration as teachers in ongoing Ghana Education Service recruitment.
According to some of the candidates, they were asked by some officials of the office to pay amounts ranging from Ghc10 to Ghc30 before they could submit their application documents, Ghc35 for the verification of certificates and Ghc100 for an interview.

Ghana Education Service authority is now investing in the scandal and decided to punish those officials of the Nkwanta office who are engaged in those corrupt acts.
Bureau of National Investigations Directs Ghana Education Service to delete names of 610 staff from Government payroll!

The Bureau of National Investigations has directed the Ghana Educational Service to delete the names of 610 members of its staff from the Government payroll.

The staff are mostly teachers, who were found to have vacated their post, resigned, are non-existent, deceased, been dismissed or cannot be traced or located, are still receiving salaries.
The directive of the Ghana Educational Service followed an ongoing physical verification of the persons who are receiving salaries without any bank accounts.

Ghana Education Service opens inquiry into Headmaster’s viral physical intimate video!
The Ghana Education Service has opened inquiries into a viral video in which the Headteacher of Adumanu D/A Basic school is seen physically intimating with a third-year senior high school lady student.

The name of the head teacher is Robert Sepey. The shameful video of the teacher got viral among millions of Ghanaians via WhatsApp and other social networks.

Public Relations officer of Ghana Education service says that suitable sanctions will be charged against Robert Sepey if he is found guilty.

Former Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration Rector declared to sack 400 GES director in order to improve Education system!
According to the former GIMPA Rector, about 400 Directors of Education are supervising a collapsing education system at the basic level.

The former GIMPA Rector told Kojo Yankson on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM “As a nation we are going to pay a heavy price for what we have done to basic education…it’s just because at that level the only thing that is the key is, are the teachers willing to do what they are paid to do?”
He also said “Unless something is done, we as a nation are going to destroy ourselves with what is happening in basic schools, because if you take a child to school for nine years and he comes out as functionally illiterate, he doesn’t want to go farm anymore; he wants to go to the city and when he comes there is no job, and you know what follows, we are in a very serious national crisis.”


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