There has been a fire outbreak in Nungua, Brigade close to LINAKS House, opposite Canadian sports in the Krowor Constituency.

The fire which lasted close to three hours, fortunately has not destroyed any property. It took close to about two hours before the fire service personnel’s where able to put the fire out. Speaking to the media, they have disclose that, they got a call from the hours of 13:42pm . Upon hearing this, their personnel’s where dispatch exactly 13:43pm and arrive at the scene 13:51pm.

They further disclose that upon reaching the scene, and looking at the intensity of the fire, another two vehicles and group where dispatch to help fight the fire and to keep it under control. It took them close to two hours before the fire was put under control.

Fire extinguisher balls where thrown into the fire to put it under control but to no avail. The arrival of the second team put the fire under control at exactly 15:00 hours.

Whether they know the source of the fire, the media was told that even the fire service did not know the source of the fire as well as the residents and eye witnesses. Further interrogation with some eye witnesses reveal that they might have not know the source of the fire but certain that the fire particle might have come from a burning rubbish.

“The fire service is yet to investigate into the source of the fire and we promise to make it known to the public soon,”. They further explain.

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