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Femi Adesina Blows Hot, Warns US To Back Off

• Asks US not to interfere in Nigeria
• Says nobody appointed the US as the
policeman of the world

Following the placing of Nigeria on watchlist by the United States of America, USA ,for condoning religious persecution, special adviser on media and publicity
to President Muhammadu Buhari, Femi
Adesina has warned the United States of
America not to meddle  into the
affairs of the Federal Republic of
The presidential spokesman disclosed
this on Channels TV when he spoke on
the alleged religious persecution raised
against Nigeria by the western country.
Adesina also went further to note that
the US was not appointed by anybody or
any country to be the policeman of the
world. He said the country had her own
issues and that they should face it.
“The US itself has enough to chew
solving its own problems not to talk of
poke-nosing ‘(sic)’ into that of another
country. No man, no country, nobody
has appointed them the Policeman of
the world, let them face their own
issues,” Femi said.

However, Adesina’s outrage has sparked off intense criticisms Nigeria on social media with most comments favoring the actions of the US while lampooning the Presidential spokesman for daring to criticise the US.

Internews Network brings you reactions to Adesina’s statement from Facebook

Jeremy Jerry David
Now he is biting more than he can
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2 hours ago

Uneke Anayo
Yes they should now mind their own
business but when Barack Obama was
fighting GEJ and sending money and
experts to manipulate Nigerians into
believing that GEJ is a corrupt wizard.
Then they were appointed the
policeman of Nigeria. It’s a shame that
Femi thought his job is an ever lasting
one. You have entered into politics and I
am assuring you that later you will still
call on this same US government to
interfere in one injustice against you or
your interest, then like Sowore we will
also reminds you that we never forgets
that the US is not the world policeman
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· 2 hours ago

Olufemi Ijo Olajide
Mad man on the loose
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2 hours ago

Ishima Steve
What if they decide to move in with their
troops can you do anything? Watch your
mouth .
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2 hours ago

Alex Agbo
A well fed nza bird now challenges the
eagle to a wrestling bout.
For those of you who do not know what
an nza is, it is a tiny bird with a very
sharp beak. You could compare it to a
giant’s eyeball when you have attached
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1 hour ago

Akinsola Mathew
Hmm, in this year only, Osinbajo has
insulted Afenifere saying they are
exaggerating activities of Fulani
herdsmen terrorist in the SouthWest.
The Fulani Grand patron has relegated
the same Osinbajo reduced him to a
spectator in Aso rock.
Let’s watch the games of Femi Adesina,
till 2023
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1 hour ago

Alukah Pedro Stanley
Useless man
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Uchenna Ukoha Levi Uduma
one of the biggest fools the Yorubas
gave birth to. one of those who sold the
Yerubas to the Fulanis, but time shall
come when he will call for help and no
one will be there to help him
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59 minutes ago

Anthony Odiraa Felix
Femi Adesinner should be careful what
he says. The US might chose to place
him on an extra-special watch and stop
him from travelling abroad. The US
might also pressure the UK into not
accepting his deadman-walking boss to
their country for treatments and he will
then have serious problem. Truth is that
Adesinner is shooting himself in the
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minutes ago

Audu Boogi
Sooner than later , the El Bashir fate
awaits Femi and his master
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