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Fella Makafui has offered her help to a school

A Ghanaian actress, Fella Makafui has offered her help to a school who still teaches computer lesson using a blackboard instead of a computer itself. She came across pictures showing a teacher writing on the board as he teaches his students computer lessons. The pictures detailed the stress a Ghanaian teacher faces as he had to draw the whole icons of a Word processing window on the board with a chalk.

The Ghollywood actress, who recently lost her friend Ebony Reigns in an auto crash, took to her Instagram page to share the pictures and called on anyone with information on how to contact the school’s management so that she and her Fella Makafui Foundation can help with donations. She wrote:

Hello Ghana, Can some one kindly help me with information to access this school or it’s Administration, so that I can make some donations to the school. Education is the strongest foundation to help our Motherland attained a developed “Country Status” Hence my desire to support this school with modern Computers. It is sad that even as in this new phase of our world some communities and schools don’t have access to computers … PLEASE HELP ME LOCATE THE SCHOOL !!!! Send me a private message in my DM with the Location or contact details or call my management on 0543558381 … Thank You and God Bless Ghana .. @fellamakafuifoundation_


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