The cocoa farmers of Sefwi Bonsu Nkwanta and it environs in the Juaboso District are now swimming in happiness pool due to premium( bonus) paid to them.

The P.B.C Limited in partnership with TOUTON implemented a sustainable project called Climate Smart Cocoa at the Sefwi Bonsu Nkwanta and other places as piloting method to suit to the climatic change in that area.
The project invested about 6,500 farmers which involved four districts such as Bonsu Nkwanta A, Bonsu Nkwanta B, Bonsu Nkwanta C and Kofikrom/ Proso.
The total production area certified under the project was 34,766.34 hectares.

After the sucession of the project, the farmers who were all involved have been paid with a total amount of GH$629,568.00 of which the farmers in that areas are overwhelmed by the faithfulness work done by PBC Limited and TOUTON.

The farmers after receiving their premium ( bonus) per bag of cocoa some totalling GH$1,000 and over cedis, T-shirts, chemicals and other farming items, thanked PBC Limited (the head sponsor) and TOUTON for their kindness and rendered a huge sum of appreciation to them.

Mr. Raphael Parku, Manager for Kofikrom/ Proso district explained that,” We (PBC limited and TOUTON) are doing certification and its all about providing seminable training for farmers so as to produce better cocoa.
Also Touton provided an extra chemical for the farmers just for the cocoa improvement. After the project, when we were examined and passed successfully, the heads promised our clients who will be yielding much cocoa in the season shall be paid a premium ( bonus). So just after the payments were made then you see the farmers jubilating”.

Also Mr. Raphael added that the project is only for PBC limited and Touton clients but for all cocoa farmers who are interested in their project and it is a project that has come to stay.

Storied by: Boah Augustine

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