Family of dead soldier vows to avenge him

Friends and relatives of the late Lance Corporal Vondee Atsu Francis, who died in the same accident as Ebony Reigns, have expressed that they may turn to the service of shrines to unmask the one who tasked the late soldier to guard the late artiste.

Since news broke that a soldier of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) died in the same accident that killed Ebony, Ghanaians have openly pondered what the late airman was doing with the singer.

This is the very same question Lance Corporal Vondee’s friends have asked. According to one Ian McWillis, a superior military officer could have ordered the late airman to protect the late artiste.

Ian McWillis said that Corporal Vondee’s friends along with the entire Adidome township would like to have this unnamed officer unmasked.

In a thinly veiled threat, Mr. McWillis went on to say that members of this unnamed officer’s family will begin to die one after another should the person fail to speak up and admit to being the one who ordered Lance Corporal to protect Ebony.

“Who’s the big man who feels Ebony needs protection and sent our Atsu to die like a fowl? We the family, friends and the entire Adidome township want to know who ordered Atsu. Atsu was a discipline guy.

They now want to make it look like atsu was a bad boy.start speaking the truth. I smell a rat. Atsu will avenge his death.we will look for the sender.” ”Mafi Kutupong,Melemewowoe be Yenormewadui”.u want this poor soul face the marshal court? hmmmm.the big man who sent Atsu to protect ebony speak b4 ur families start dying same very bitter and serious. don’t think dead men don’t talk.A tsu wil be buried like ‘ametsivume”. # who sent Atsu Francis Vondee to protect ebony?”

Story: Ghanaweb


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