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Election 2020: I will never return to NDC again- Nana Konadu Agyeman reveals

Former first lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has served notice that she will not return to the fold of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

She noted that the conviction with which she joined the NDC is lost and although her husband may have extended that hand of invitation out of a good heart, her return to the party should not be envisaged.

“You join something with conviction. He might have said it with a good heart but you join something with conviction. When those convictions are no more there, what is the point?” she asked.

Mrs Rawlings also mentioned that under no circumstances will she escort her husband to functions of the NDC saying, “even if I found it interesting, I will not escort my husband.”

Her husband and founder of the NDC, former President John Rawlings at Saturday’s NDC congress appealed to his wife to consider returning to the party.

He nonetheless acknowledged that his wife cannot be entirely blamed for taking the decision to leave the party they both toiled for.

But speaking to TV3 News, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings said she will never return to the NDC under any circumstance.

She stressed that the conviction she had in serving the nation on the ticket of a new political party “is still there; it’s still relevant. I worked to build the party.”

The former first lady alluded to the fact that although the NDP is smaller than the NDC, she will stick to the former because the latter has been desecrated and taken over by robbers.

“…when you build your house, you build it because you want to live in it; you want your friends, your family to be there but you will find that robbers have taken over your house, the house has been desecrated. In some way and you have a chance to move into a smaller house; if you want to stay in there; that is your problem.”

The former first lady left the NDC after her attempt to lead the party failed.

In 2008, she contested the late President John Mills during the party’s presidential primaries but lost woefully; a situation which many believed informed her decision to establish her own party; the National Democratic Party (NDP).

She however failed to contest on the ticket of the NDP in the 2012 elections after the Electoral Commission (EC) disqualified her as a Presidential candidate.

Mrs Rawlings has since been very critical of NDC government and has on several occasions questioned the management of the affairs of the nation.

She has given indications of contesting the 2016 Presidential elections on the ticket of the NDP.

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