Election 2020: Ellembele NPP under threats as CPP resurrect

Ellembele NPP under threat as CPP resurrect.

Former member of parliament for CPP in the Ellembele Constituency deceived many supporters in the party because he was the leader at that time.

Due to that many supporters from the CPP crossed to the NPP because of the influence from the former member of parliament for Ellembele Constituency hon. Frederick Blay.

The shocking story was that many people from the Ellembele Constituency were  not much educated about the skirt and browse policy .

For the past years,CPP was the only political party that won many people heart in the western region because of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah great achievement .

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) has now jacked up towards the upcoming December general elections and that has put fear and confusion into the NPP because many people have moved to CPP.

Many people in the Ellembele Constituency have  show massive support for hon. Mathias Ewereko.

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