Ebony responds to Stip over claims that she’s being ungrateful to Bullet

In a response on Twitter, the Dancehall diva subtly jabbed the director who is popularly known as Stip for meddling in things he knew nothing about. Stip had in a Facebook post earlier in the week suggested that all was not well between Ebony and Bullet because the artiste was showing signs of ingratitude.

He therefore pointed to artistes some artistes who careers have suffered after they became ungrateful to the people who brought them jnto the limelight.

This was clearly a veiled warning to Ebony not to go on that path. Bullet warning Ebony not to betray him as she will be doing so at her own risk. Though Bullet came out to clarify his earlier statement which was deemed as a threat to Ebony, Stip’s revelation seemed to confirm that all is not well at Ruff Town Records.

But Ebony has rubbished Stip’s claim saying talking about something he has little or no idea about and must therefore his own business. “… he needs to mind his own business and get legit info before talking about things he clearly has no idea of.” Ebony tweeted.

Meanwhile Bullet has opened up on how he got the money he invested in Ebony’s talent. According to him, he got the money as a gift from Bola Ray to start his Ruff Town label.

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