Ebony Reigns Corpse was captured in a video for spiritual purpose – Ghanaian prophet

Few days ago, we reported the news of how a mortuary attendant was seen in a video touching the corpse of late Ghanaian singer, Ebony Reigns and that of her friend Franky Kuri who died in an auto crash with her last month. The leaked video sparked a huge outcry on social media as many called for the arrest of the man whom they claimed was sexually assaulting the corpses.

The mortuary attendant has however revealed to Ohemeng Tawiah of Nhyira FM, through a friend whose name is withheld, that he was ordered by the police to make the video which he asked the other attendant to do the recording while he examined the corpses.

“He was asked by the pathologists working on the bodies to check if the bodies were ready to undergo an autopsy, he took videos of them so it could be used as evidence,” the friend told Ohemeng Tawiah.

Latest development reveal that tha Police have however declared the mortuary man wanted for the criminal act. Chief Superintendent Yankson made this known to the media. He said, “been instructed to commence investigations into the matter and bring those perpetrators to book.”

“The law particularly says that even if you have in your possession, distributing it, those circulating it; that circulation, it is also an offence and they could be brought to book,” he added.

A Ghanaian prophet, Reindolph Oduro Gyebi, aka Eagle Prophet, has claimed that the video recording was done to tie the spirit of the singer so as to prevent her from taking revenge. The man who is popular for predicting the death of an OAP, Kaba, claims he’s seen the singer fourteen times in his dreams. His words below.

“Nobody should blame the mortuary attendant. The video was released by somebody close to her, the issue is a highly spiritual matter.”

“The ghost of Ebony will haunt some people. Because someone close to her wants to tie her soul as part of the requirements to prevent the ghost of the girl from doing what she has to do. So the police should stop looking for the mortuary attendant. He is not to blame for the video.”

“I have personally seen this girl in my vision for more than 14 times trying to send a message across.. So I urge the family to seek for answers in the spiritual realm.”

Ebony Reigns, real name Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, died in a tragic accident on the Sunyani-Kumasi road on 8th February 2018 after the jeep she was travelling in collided with a VIP passenger Bus. She died alongside two other occupants of the vehicle, her friend Franky Kuri and a military man, Lance Corporal Atsu Vondee.

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