E/R: Pepease Queen Mother rejects verdict; heads to Regional Traditional council

Queen Mother of Kwahu Pepease, Nana Oforiwaah Opokua II has rejected a verdict by a three-member judicial committee of the Kwahu Traditional Council and has decided to appeal the case at the Eastern Regional Traditional Council.

A three-member Judicial Committee of the Kwahu Traditional Council Chaired by Nana Somuah Nyinampong III Kwahu AsakrakaHene who double as Council of State Member, Nana Birifa Dankwah II Oworobonghene and Nana Nyarko Baawuah II Beponghene has ruled in favour of Nana Bonsu Ayiripe as the chief of Kwahu Pepease.

In a 20-page ruling, the Chairman of the Committee, Nana Somuah Nyinampong III Kwahu AsakrakaHene, stated, there were sufficient evidence that Nana Bonsu Ayiripe is a member of the Royal Bretuo family of Pepease and eligible to occupy the Pepease stool.

In furtherance, the three Panels disclosed that, the enstoolment of 5th respondent (Nana Bonsu Ayiripe) was proper and in accordance with the customs, traditions and history of Pepease also in line with the agreement at Twenedurase that Nana Bonsu is eligible to be the chief of Pepease.

Nana Bonsu Ayiripe won the case by unanimous vote as two of the judicial committee members,Nana Somuah Nyinampong III and Nana Nyarko Baawuah II ruled in his favour.

On the other hand, Nana Birifa Dankwah II Oworobonghene also ruled in favour of Nana Oforiwaah Opokua II saying it is wrong for the Adehyehene to initiate any installation process without involving the Queen mother, Abusuapanin and Adehyehene to recruit this process.

In his ruling, the installation of Nana Bonsu Ayiripe is invalid, null and void and same ought not to be recognized.

Nana Oforiwaah Opokua argued that, the Plaintiff {Nana Bonsu Ayiripe} does not qualify to occupy the Pepease stool because he was not nominated and install by the queen mother.

“In Akan tradition, the queen mother is the only person who can nominate and install a king but instead the Adehyee-Hene Nana Appiah Ofori of Kwahu Pepease did so” she said.

The acting Abusuapanin, of the Santase Bretuo royal family, Nana Amankwah Bretwum who is also a kingmaker in the area, in an interview described the ruling as unfortunate, stating that, all the three panel members are aware the Adehyeehene cannot install a king but in this case they are telling the inhabitants of Pepease that Adehyeehene has the mandate to nominate and install a king.

“What baffles me is that, during the process, MP for Abetifi Constituency Hon. Bryan Acheampong invited Nana Hemaa and I. Bryan Acheampong disclosed that when said he called Nana Bonsu the incumbent chief, Nana Bonsu said, when he wins the case he will rule Pepease town with Nana Hemaa harmoniously but when he losses he will never appeal the said case, so Nana Hemaa and Abusuapanyin should do same when they were defeated, they should try not to appeal the case, hence I believe Hon Bryan Acheampong knew the verdict won’t favour us” Abusuapanyin revealed.

According to the Abusuapanin, what the three panel members did is an unlawful act, which is against the customs and traditions of Akan tradition.

Source: Evans Boateng

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