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The district manager for Adwumapa cocoa buyers manager Mr Raymond Opoku has filed his nomination to contest the New Patriotic Party’s primaries in the Afigya kwabre north constituency in the Ashanti region.

Mr Raymond opoku is said to be contesting with five other aspirants in a bid to lead the NPP party in the constituency for the 2020 general election come April 25th.

The filing was characterised by a pool of party youth within the constituency who registered their presence at the party office as a Subscription,
“I am most grateful to the Most-High God for how far He has brought me and my team on this journey.
I wish to announce to the all and sundry that today I have filed my nomination to officially contest to be elected as parliamentary candidate of the Afigya kwabre north constituency.

According to Mr Raymond Opoku, this election is an opportunity to give back to this constituency all it has deposited in him; a rare opportunity to bring change to lives and development.
This election is a moment of truth to affirm the NPP’s legacy of rewarding hard work and loyalty.

Extraordinary events, both in my personal life and in the life of this Republic, have led me to take a firm decision to contest for the slot of Parliamentary Candidate for the Afigya kwabre north Constituency in the upcoming primaries of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). My decision to contest is borne out of years of sober introspection, a deeper conviction about the morality of leadership, and from extensive engagements with the many men and women of Afigya kwabre north community.
I promise my delegates that if they vote form me and I will not disappoint them because I think about future.
The delegates are smart and would not be hoodwink by propaganda or whatsoever. At the end of the day they will make the best choice, and I have no iota of doubt that they will reward my vision and sacrifice for the constituency with their votes.

For majority of the delegates , Mr. Raymond Opoku who they described as a humble and peaceful man for the constituency has some leadership qualities needed to salvage residents from the litany of challenges suffocating people in the constituency .

“Mr Raymond opoku is a self-motivated activist with extensive experience in, communications, public administration, business development consultancy and advocacy.

He has a thorough knowledge of government structure, public policy and bureaucracy management. undiluted traits including humility, a unifier, visionary, results oriented, loyal, selflessness among others triggered us to give our support to this humble man Mr Raymond Opoku.

Mr Raymond therefore commended the election commetee for their kind of leadership they showed up when the constituency got only three forms while they were six aspirants but the party executives tried and get the rest for them and finally advice his supporters to restrain themselves from profane words and insults because it only one person who will win.

The chairman of the elecion commitee Mr Awuah Brobey received the forms and advice him and to keep his peaceful life and do his campaign in peace as they know him.

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