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Diana Asamoah speaks on her lesbianism tag

Renowned gospel musician Evangelist Diana Asamoah has disclosed some people have been tagging her as a homosexual because she is still single at her age.
Evangelist Diana Asamoah

“Recently people are tagging me as a lesbian. They say I sleep with colleague women but I take solace in Exodus 23: 23(For my angel will go before you and bring you into the land of the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hivites, and Jebusites, so you may live there. And I will destroy them completely)”, she said in a recent interview.

speaking on why she is still not married at her age, Diana Asamoah noted that she will remain single until the Lord directs her to get married to the right man.

Ghanaian Gospel singer, who is in her 40s, stressed that although she has had several proposals from men to marry her, she is still waiting on the directions of God to make that decision.

“I get a lot of men walking into the studios of Rainbow Radio where I preach saying God has asked them to marry me but because God has not told me anything yet I am patiently waiting upon Him,” Diana Asamoah added

“It is only God I depend on for direction. I prefer to worship the Lord, stay single, and inherit the kingdom of God than marry and not go to heaven. A lot of Christians will not go to heaven because of marriage. It is preventing so many Christians from worshipping God,”

When asked how she deals with the desire for sex when on heat, she disclosed that the Holy Spirit fights her battles for her.

According to her, the Holy Spirit, unlike human beings, don’t grow old. Therefore, the spirit will continue to see her through whenever she feels for perhaps sex.

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