It seems the internal wrangling in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Weija constituency in the Greater Accra Region since 2015 has not subsided and continue to degenerate day in and day out.
The fall out between the Deputy Minister of Health, Tina Mensah and the one who contested her during the party parliamentary primaries in 2015, Mr. Isaac Yamoah has degenerated from insinuations to personal attack and spirituality.

The 2015 parliamentary hopeful, Mr Isaac Yamoah speaking to the reporter asserted that Madam Tina Mensah uses juju thus black powers on anyone who is not on her side politically.
“Tina Mensah is running on voodoo in getting whatever she wants in politics but I am not afraid of her because very soon her end will come”, he said

Mr. Yamoah claimed that the Deputy Minister of Health has used juju on him that is why things are not getting better in his life and she confessed it when he confronted her in July 2015.

“When I confronted her in July, 2015 , she said small juju I am using on you that you are crying , do you know the number of people who tied me up Spiritually that I was able to survive” he alleged.

He said the agenda of the Deputy Minister of Health is to make him incapable to do what he wants to do for the party because Madam Tina Mensah fears that he could contest her again in the next primaries.

Mr Isaac Yamoah further claimed that as if the black powers Madam Tina Mensah is using is not enough, she is also making ill comment about him to the people in the Jubilee House and the party headquarter to make him look bad in the eyes of those in these two places.

“Somebody at the Jubilee House openly and boldly told me that there is no way I will get the appointment I was looking for and the person will make sure that I do not get any appointment from the president” he said.
According to him, it was like a dream to him and he could not believe it in the sense that how come a person of that status at the Presidency could made such statement.

From there he realized that it was the Deputy Minister of Health who has polluted the minds of people at the presidency else that person would not have said that.

He further said, Madam Tina want his personal Aide be the Weija Municipal Chief Executive but they will not agree and will fight with their last blood because the party is not for the Deputy Minister of Health alone.
My Yamoah was of the view that view he is the right person for the MCE position as a result he appealed to President Nana Addo to consider him and not listen to Madam Tina Mensah and her cronies who are fighting for their selfish interest.
Weija has been separated from the Ga south municipal and for that matter the President needs to appoint someone to be the MCE for Weija Municipal.

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