Criss Waddle’s boy runs mad after refusing to eat used sanitary pad upon his return from Benin

A young man who’s one of the popular Sakawa Boys in the country and also a member of the AMG Business crew owned and headed by rapper Criss Waddle has gone completely mad.

The young and famous AMG Sakawa boy is better known by the name Star Boy. He turned into a ‘dirty’ rich guy overnight following his return from Benin, the believed hub of powerful juju.

By reports, he went completely mad last Saturday after the period from his powerful Benin juju man elapsed.

The only requirement for one him to have stayed sanely longer was for him to eat used sanitary pads. He failed to do so.

Ghpage has sighted a video of the young sakawa boy who also happens to be Criss Waddle’s boy cruising in his car after the returning from Benin and when he got mad.

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