Couple dies after jumping in front of a moving train hugging each other in UK

A man and his wife have died at a railway station after ‘jumping in front of a train while hugging each other’.


According to Metro UK, horrified witnesses said the two leapt off the platform at Doncaster Railway Stationin front of an oncoming train shortly after 8:00pm on Tuesday. It is believed they bought tickets to get past the barriers at the station. British Transport Police confirmed the deaths and said officers were working to identify the victims.


According to the Doncaster Free Press, witnesses said the pair embraced and jumped from the platform at the same time.  A British Transport Police spokesperson said: “Shortly before 8:20pm, officers were called to Doncaster station following reports that two people had been struck by a train. Officers and paramedics were quickly on scene, however a man and woman were sadly pronounced dead at the scene. Work is being done to identify the man and woman and to inform their next of kin. An investigation into how the man and woman came to be on the tracks is underway, however at this time the circumstances are not thought to be suspicious.”  

Virgin Trains also confirmed the incident and said trains were cancelled as a result.  Writing on the firm’s official Twitter account, a spokesperson said: “My heart is broken for all involved in this tragic incident. Services are returning to normal but so much pain will remain.”

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