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Corona Virus: Nigeria Fully Prepared For Any Eventuality – Sen Oloriegbe


*Says Nigeria is fully prepared to combat virus.

* Advice Nigerians on what to do .

By Bashir Bello, Abuja

Dr.Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe, the Senator representing Kwara Central Senatorial District, Chairman Senate Committee on Health has revealed that there is no reported case of the deadly coronavirus in Nigeria and that in any case, the country is adequately prepared to detect, prevent the outbreak of the virus .

The Senator who was fielding questions from journalists at the office in the National Assembly Complex Abuja, also revealed that the Federal Government has taken certain steps aimed at preventing the virus from entering the country .

“The Nigerian Centre For Disease Control, NCDC has issued a public health notice sensitizing Nigerians about the symptoms of the virus, how to detect it and what measures to take to prevent the spread of the disease”, he said .

Senator Oloriegbe further added that personnel manning all the official ports of entry into Nigeria have been alerted and trained on how to detect and quarantine anyone with the symptom of the virus.

He explained that the entry ports have been equipped with basic equipments that can detect a carrier of the virus.

Chairman Senate Committee on Health: Senator, Dr. Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe Kwara Central Senatorial District, briefing Journalists on Corona virus at his office in NASS Complex, Abuja.
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“All the airports, seaports and land borders have been installed with basic equipments that can detect the virus . Also the Minister of Health this week said some money have been release to ensure that all the personnel are properly trained.

” Lagos which is the main gateway to Nigeria is well prepared as the Governor has set up a comprehensive management team comprising officials from the state and federal government health agencies in order to respond rapidly should there be any incidence of the virus.

“in addition to that, the Lagos State Government has officially declared that there is no case of the virus in the state.

Oloriegbe also said that Nigeria has about five reference laboratories that samples taken from individuals with suspected cases of the virus could be taken to for analysis .

He also advised Nigerians to maintain basic health standard such as washing of hands before eating and wearing of protective mask.

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