Check out Bizarre & Strange food Chinese people eat that you’ll never dare to eat, will churn your stomach

China has the widest variety of food in all the world; there´s a saying in China: We eat everything with legs except Chairs and Tables. And that’s probably not far from the truth.

When you’re hungry…we mean REALLY hungry…what type of food do you crave? Is a juicy cheeseburger the only thing that will hit the spot? Or would you prefer something from a different culture? Maybe a burrito or a taco? How about an egg roll instead?

If you like egg rolls, then you must like Chinese food. Have you ever eaten at a Chinese restaurant? It can be a delicious and daring experience as you sample foods that you may have never seen before.

But have you ever stopped to WONDER…do people in China eat the types of foods you see in an American Chinese restaurant? In a nutshell, the answer is yes…and no!

Here´s just a short list of some of the strange and less appetizing things you can eat while you’re visiting China.

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