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Check out why Rapper Lord Kenya repent

On Rainbow Radio’s entertainment show GH Entertainment hosted by Agyemang Prempeh last Saturday, he interviewed rapper O.J Blaq on his health status and his plans for the future considering the stern situation he found himself.

During the interview, O.J Blaq emphatically stated that he was no more going to do secular songs but rather spend his time to do the work of God. After speaking to O.J Blaq on the show, the presenter interviewed Lord Kenya who has been in that position before to seek for his opinion.

Speaking to Evangelist Lord Kenya on his take on the decision that O.J Blaq has taken after his tribulations, he said: “it is good news because God is warning us and his might be the sickness that attacked him. He has taken a good decision to work for the Lord. God has ways of calling people to work for him. I can advise him as an experienced person with regards to what to do. I am very happy for the step he has taken.”

Speaking about his past, Lord Kenya said everybody knew he was using drugs and doing evil things but nobody could say because people were scared to talk about him. “No presenter could call and ask if I smoked weed but by his grace I have changed and I do pray for the other secular artistes to have a change of mind too,” he told Agyemang.

He added: “There are a lot of musicians who want to repent but they are afraid to turn to God because they think of what to eat and accommodate themselves.”

“If I can be used as a vessel by God, why can’t others? There is no musician who has done more evil than I did – not even Shatta Wale but today things have changed. Some musicians wish to be where we are but they are afraid,” he concluded.

With such touching story by Lord Kenya, it is believed that more souls will be won and captives set free from the bondage of the devil

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