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Catholic Bishops speak on distribution of condoms in schools

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), has condemned the Gender and Equal Opportunities bill adding that some of its content could provide an avenue for the legalization of many anti-human life and anti-family activities.

In a communique signed by the former CBCN president, Ignatius Kaigama, at the end of their conference in Abuja, the clerics also objected to the circulation of condoms and contraceptive pills in academic institutions.

The communique read:
“Whereas we acknowledge some legitimate rights due to women and the need to promote them, we, nevertheless, condemn the provisions of the “Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill,” which could provide an avenue for the legalization of many anti-human life and anti-family activities. We therefore demand that such provisions be expunged from the Bill.Similarly, we condemn in unmistakable terms the indiscreet distribution of condoms and contraceptive pills in our schools, youth service orientation camps and private/government health institutions. No person, authority or institution has the right to terminate human life.”

The bishops also asked for immediacy in the federal government’s move to ensure proper and even distribution of voter registration materials throughout the nation. The clerics lamented what they described as claims of inadequate voter registration materials experienced in specific areas of the country.
While the Catholic bishops did not mention the region where the report about poor voter registration materials allegedly emanated from, they regarded the situation as unfortunate. The conference also condemned recent reports of underage voting experienced in Kano.

The communique further read: “Elections are around the corner. This process begins with the registration of voters, an exercise that has already started nationwide. Reports reaching us from all over the nation indicate that in many places facilities for registration are not available, thus depriving many people of the right to register for voting. It is equally reported that such difficulty in registration often target certain segments of the community.”

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