Candidates contesting with John Dramani Mahama likely to share 20% – Isaac Apatsea

Apatsea Isaac Kwasi, immediate past constituency Secretary of the NDC upper Denkyira East Constituency in the Central Region of Ghana has predicted that other aspirants contesting with John Dramani Mahama in the up coming Presidential race are likely to share 20% of votes whiles the rest of the 80% goes to former President, John Dramani Mahama.

He attributed his prediction to how popular and closer John Dramani Mahama is with the NDC delegates Since this is not the first time John Dramani Mahama is meeting face to face with NDC delegates to sell his message to them directly. His popularity span from his position as former MP,former President and the former Presidential candidate of the NDC. He seems to be the only aspirant who has toured almost the whole of Ghana. His message seems to have been accepted by delegates he has already met and is still meeting.
With his experience as the former Presidential candidate of the NDC he knows what to tell delegates to get their votes.
Almost all the aspirants contesting with him are all former appointees who served under him, but he seems to be the only person who came out openly to plead to NDC delegates after the NDC defeat in 2020 to accept the blame making him the honest amongs them,whiles the other aspirants are attacking him left,right and center.
The NDC constitution allows for contest for all those who are ready to lead the NDC as flagbearer to pick forms to contest.

I can confidently say that some of the aspirants contesting may even pull out of the race before the day the Presidential Primaries will come off, some are in to sell themselves to NDC delegates and Ghanaians for popularity for the first time. Every message by John Dramani Mahama on his tour seems to gets reply from the NPP making him the most attractive and popular candidate to lead the NDC as flagbearer in the 2020 general Elections.

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