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Breaking news: Ofori Amposah commits Suicide after Kofi B’s death

Musician Ofori Amponsah was all over social media over the weekend when news broke that he had committed suicide. As it turns out, the claims were fabricated and unfounded,Botwey media team team decided to dig into where, why and how the news came to being.

Kumasi-based Nhyira FM of MultiMedia fame started the news. Apparently they reported that a certain Ofori Amponsah had committed suicide without specifying which Ofori Amponsah it was. Other media houses picked it up and started spreading it. Botwey media called the station to confirm their source only to be told that a veterinary doctor in Kumasi by the name Ofori Amponsah was the individual the news was referring to.

As disturbing as it is,  Botwey media is yet to see an apology from the station to listeners and lovers of Ofori Amponsah for the shock and despair caused by their shabby work. Similar stunt was pulled on Kwaku Manu recently by the same radio station. It is imperative that we do not resort to these avenues all in the name of traffic.

Botwey media figured that Ofori Amponsah is not new to this; The June 30th  2005 edition of Ebony newspaper carried a banner headline on its front-page screaming: “Ofori Amponsah ‘shoots’ himself dead!”. The accompanying story read: “A couple of years after Tommy Wiredu, an ace musician committed suicide by hanging himself, feelers gathered by Ebony suggest that another budding musician, Ofori Amponsah, has committed suicide

At that time, he fabricated the story himself as a publicity stunt to promote his album, which later won 5 GMAs. With this record,Botwey media is asking, given his record, could he have started this stunt or Nhyira FM did so on their own?

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