The President Non- governmental organization called Prevent Bacteria ,Malaria, and Cholera (PBMC) Sanitation Ambassadors Mr. Kwabena Fori has lamented the lackadaisical attitude of a renewed sanitation Company called Zoomlion Ghana approach towards how to get rid of the country filth.

According to him, zoomlion Ghana is the only Sanitation Company contracted by the Government in the nationwide (Districts, Municipals and Metropolitans) to deal with refuse issues as their core mandate but still the nation is battle with scattered refuse on some streets of the country in which every month, the government pay’s them for their work out put .

He added that ,the government led by Sanitation Minister should set a taskforce to monitor and supervise the day to day activities of zoomlion Ghana especially on field to see to it that ,their rendering their core mandate based on the contract proposal.

He stressed on uncollected refuse, damped at one the Municipal Assembly in the Ashanti region refuse damp site over two month without located to land fill site. It is breeding mosquitoes ,odours, and numerous diseases outbreak to the people leaving around .

He therefore called on the company to be more active to their core mandate to solve the country sanitation problems immediately ,if not he will organize a massive demonstration for termination of their contract.

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