BABALELE: Dr. Sani Condemns EFCC’ Arraignment and Trial Of Atiku’s Lawyer

Civil Rights activist and a staunch Atiku supporter, Dr.Sani Adamu has decried the continuous detention of Alhaji Babalele Abdullahi  the son inlaw to Peoples Democratic Party, PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar.

Dr. Sani alleged ordeal Babalele is undergoing is part of moves to cajole Atiku into abandoning his quest to actualize his ambition through democratic processes .


Dr.Sani Adamu who spoke to journalist this afternoon was reacting to the arraignment of Alhaji Babalele money laundering and his been  remanded in EFCC custody shortly afterwards .


Sani said ,

“We remind the EFCC that the world is watching you and everyone and that tomorrow you maybe call to question just as is the case that many can not go to the US due to their activities.”


“We therefore ask them to be fair in all their dealings with Nigerian”.


The Chairman and Founder of Deservation. Org  said he felt the need to speak because of the emotional and physiological stress inflicted on Babalele and his family members .He went on to call on the Federal Government to prevail on the EFCC to release him immediately.


” If the Buhari led administration is not responsible for the arrest of Abdullahi Babalele, then it should ask the EFCC to release him immediately, but like we all know , anyone that has a problem with this government is seen a threat, the law enforcement agents steps in and the rest is history “.

The democratic icon award winner also vowed that Babalele’s ordeal won’t stop Atiku and others like him from demanding the true result of the Presidential poll be implemented.

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