Krontihene of Kumfia appeals to National and Regional House of Chiefs to immediately intervene into the chieftaincy issues at KUMFIA to avoid future clash.

The Krontihene of Kumfia in the Brong Ahafo Region NANA ADU ASANTE has called on the National house of Chiefs, Brong Ahafo Regional House of Chiefs, National Peace Council to immediately come and intervene into the chieftaincy issues at Kumfia to avoid possible clash as tension has started generating over there.

According to him, Nana Owusu Achaw who was the chief of Kumfia community has been distooled for over four years now after they allegedly accused him of selling their farming land to NGO for fifty years, refusing to attend to the calls of the elders for the fourth times and also allegedly organizing of boys to shot one Dadei at a funeral ground which is a big taboo on their land.

According to him after performing all the necessary rituals to distooled him for five years now they have gotten information that the Omanhene of Abaasi Traditional council which Kumfia is under them is trying to bring him back the distooled chief to the community to rule them which he claims it shall turn to war on that day and therefore to avoid future clash appealed to all necessary peace agencies in the country to come and intervene.

He also stated that they have asked the Royal family to appoint another person to be the chief but accepting the old one will never be possible and shall turn to war.

Afterwards the “Asaasewura” of Kumfia Nana Yaw Asare also appealed to the National peace council,regional house of chiefs to immediately come into the chieftaincy issues at Kumfia and solve it at once he sees that there is going to be future clash/war when the alleged distooled chief try to come and rule them.

Finally some of the youths at the community also stated that they are ever ready to fight when ever they will bring back Nana Owusu Achaw who was the former chief to rule them.

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