Asonaba to Petition Gender Ministry against the rampant accusation of Children being witches on Televisions

An astute broadcast journalist Asonaba Kwadwo Nomafo has expressed much worry about the rampant accusation of children  allege witches by some pastors on our televisions.
According to the President of Asonaba Foundation, an NGO aims at protecting the welfare of children , he will petition the Ministry of Gender and social Protection, National Media Commission and other religious bodies to fight against this practice.
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In fact on 22nd September, 2017, I was very astonished and perplexed in a circumstances whereby a girl of about 8 years old accused of witchcraft by Rev Obofuor of Anointed Chapel on a Multi TV Channel, Sweet Tv.
Sir this practice by some so-called prophets is tarnishing the image of our future leaders. According to the prophet the said young girl has one way or the other bewitched her parents causing their predicaments and downfall in life.
But even in the bible, when Jesus and disciples met the blind man in John 9: 3 they asked Jesus who was the cause but Jesus answered Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.
Please help reduce this image picturing in the faces of these young children who mostly do not have the power to deny what she or he is accused*
But this has become a norm in our social lives which is indeed very bad that must be spoken against. These children need to be protected and live in a safer life now. You must act NOW.
I therefore demand that you put a ban on TV station that allows a pastor to show the  face of the allege child witchcraft on  their or the station face sanction” he added
Evans Kwaku Oboafi Junior

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