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APC Congratulates Newly Elected GFA President(Statement)


I wish to congratulate you on behalf of the APC and the millions of Ghanaians who enjoys and finds pleasure in sports on your election as President of the Ghana Football Association. You won a well deserved victory and all I see at the moment is hope for the future of Ghana Football.

Football as a game loved by millions of the Ghanaian people should Unite us as Ghanaians and not divide us. You have a daunting task ahead of you of which the most important is to strive to redeem the image of the GFA, which in recent times has become a corruption power house. Restore sanity to the senior national team, Black stars which in recent times has become another extension of NDC and NPP, and whilst at that, avoid the mistakes of your predecessor.

Also pay serious attention on our local football, invest as much as practicable in local sports which should not only be limited to the senior national team but the under 17, 20 and women football as well. Make the Ghana local clubs competition competitive and that will unearth great football talents for our country.

Your survival and success depends on your ability to stay away from politics, the previous GFA was highly politicized, don’t tow the same lines as that will spell doom and gloom for your tenure.

With the support of the new executives and my Good Friend Mr. Randy Abbey, I am confident that Ghana will shine again and win more trophies . Teamwork is the best way for a United Leaderships and excellence.

Ghanaians wants to enjoy the changes in the leadership of the GFA, please don’t disappoint them. I wish you well!

Dr. Hassan Ayariga.

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