Another Girl Reported Missing in Takoradi

Another Girl Reported Missing in Takoradi

Another girl has gone missing since last week in Takoradi in the Western Region.

The girl, Maame Darkoa Anomah, 25, is said to have been kidnapped at West Tanokrom.

The kidnapper has allegedly warned the family not to report the case to the Police.

A relative of the alleged victim told Empire FM’s Emmanuel Ohene Gyan Thursday evening that: “ She has been away since last week. We have not reported to the Police because we believed she would return. Her father felt that she would return. After we received a message from someone through her phone that she was being held by kidnappers, we thought she was just conspiring with someone to play games on us, but she still hasn’t returned.

“ We are getting worried because she is not that type. She is not the type that sleeps outside or stays out for long so we are getting worried now. We will now take steps to report the matter to the police”.

It is unclear if the new case is connected to the same ring which is holding some three other girls from the same area for some months now.

The development comes as the police has increased its personnel in the national search of the victims of the kidnappings, particularly in the Western region.

The Police have also noted they have notified INTERPOL to help them with the search of the girls.

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