Anglican Church paid 6.8 million to priest suspended over Gay allegation

A church in Nyeri has paid Sh6.8 million to three of its priests suspended over homosexuality claims.

The Anglican Church, Mount Kenya West Diocese, paid Archdeacon John Gachau and Reverends James Maigua and Paul Warui, whom the church had suspended over claims that they were engaging in homosexual relations.After four years in and out of court, the three have finally received the money after Justice Nzioki wa Makau of the Labour court in Nyeri rejected an application by Bishop Joseph Kagunda on behalf of the church to block the release of the funds.Gachau received about Sh2.4 million and Reverends Maigua and Warui Sh2.2 million each.

The money was deposited by the Church Commissioners of Kenya pursuant to the court order made on September 30, 2016, which also granted stay of execution on condition that the sum be deposited in a joint account.The money was deposited in the advocates’ joint account at NIC Bank in 2016, but would not have been credited to the priests’ accounts.

Bishop Kagunda argued that the judgement dated September 9, 2016 was entered against the Registered Trustees of the Anglican Church of Kenya, which according to him it was an unknown legal entity within the church structures.“The properties of the church are held in trust for different dioceses by ‘The Church Commissioners of Kenya’ which is a limited liability company with its own independent corporate status separate from the church,” explained the Bishop.

He noted that the church commissioners’ office was not represented in court proceedings since they were not allowed to join the suit by Justice Makau.In response, the priests through lawyer David Onsare said the church had throughout been disregarding the court orders by refusing to release the money.

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