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Amazing! Health benefit of kiss

Boost self esteem

A research from a university in German showed that men who get kisses from their wives in the morning before going to work make a lot of money.A passionate kiss instills confidence in a man.Whenever they think of the nice time they had previously, they are motivated to put in more efforts because the happy hormones are already active.Fights cavitiesYes kissing removes plaque.When you engage, you secret more saliva than usual. Rolling of the tongue either up and down or side by side gets rid of unwanted waste stuck in the mouth.The salivary glands will secrete more saliva to engage you for long and thus assured nourishment of the teeths.

It also helps in secreting happy hormones.

A study has shown that a passionate kiss can relieve one’s pain or even zap cramps.The feeling itself is a cure for one is made to forget all their worries and engage in a wonderful moment.When you get from work and feel exhausted, do not disturb cashiers to find you a pain killer, just call your baby for a kiss.

Reduces pressureIf you check out moat young couples do not suffer from pressure. And it is not that they are healthy but what they engage in.Kissing lowers blood pressure for the vessels relax as blood flows to all body parts equally.

Even when one is depressed, a passionate kiss is capable of settling everything.


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