Allege Journalist killer, pleaded not guilty in the case of Liberian Journalist Tyron Brown

Monrovia, Liberia. Defendant Jonathan Williams who was allegedly charged with murder case of Journalist Tyron Brown Monrovia and subsequently forwarded to court has pleaded innocent to the indictment charged in the ongoing trial proceedings at the 11th Judicial Circuit in Tubmanburg Bomi County.

As court issued subpoena Ad-testificandum on former police inspector General Chris Massaquoi to appear in court on Wednesday to testify on behalf of state based on a request from state lawyers headed Wesseh A. Wesseh.

The Journalist alleged murderer was indicted by the state murdering Super FM/TV Journalist Tyron Brown on April 15, 2018 in Du-port road 704 community.

After pleading not guilty, lawyers representing Jonathan Williams headed by Cllr. Jallah A.Barbu but present in today’s hearing was Cllr. Jimmy Bombo who said considering the facts has pleaded innocent, Cllr. Bombo requested waved jury trial and requested for Beach in line with Article 51(h) of the 1986 Constitution. The request which prosecution interposes no objection.

Usually Beach trial is a trial where the judge serve as judge and also jury.

The court says it is the right of a Defendant to wave trial by jury in keeping with Article 21(h) of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia.

After pleading innocent, state lawyers produced its first set of witnesses to testify on behalf of the state.

State lawyers first witness in person of Jouana Gwels who testified in open court said, she came from the airport tired and lied down in her living room chair in the Du-port road community behind 704 but later went to attend nature in her bathroom.

Witness Gwels testified that after using the bathroom, she realized that she has taken her medication and she went i her kitchen for water to take her medication and heard a noise in the compound.

Upon hearing the noise, she began spying through her window and saw defendant Williams and his two girls Alice and Edwina Youtee whom he claimed are his neices.

Madam Gwels further told court that when she spied through her window, she saw Defendant Williams two hand behind his back moving around in a confuse mood but later came out of her house and asked him what happened? But she told by the Defendant it was not her business and she went back inside to sleep in order to wake up early.

The witness also added that she was called on cell phone by one of her church mate asking her about Massa Kennedy but she responded that Massa Kennedy was arrested and taken to the police headquarters for investigation and later she Jouana Gwels reported herself to the police and the witness on the stand also identified her statement made at the police headquarters in Monrovia.

The witness being cross examined by the defend lawyers Cllr. Jimmy Bombo confirmed that when she heard the noise, she was afraid to come outside because the area is infested with criminal Activities, whether she could name three criminal Activities in the area but the question was objected by state lawyers and later sustained by the court.

She was thoroughly cross examined by the defend lawyers.

State second in person of Massa Kennedy testified in court that on April 15, 2018, she went on the Old road for a regular monthly meeting and returned home about 7:45-8pm.

Witness Massa Kennedy during her testimony said, she went to bed immediately but she was woke up by Jouna Gwels for the first time but she did not wake until the second time and Jouna Gwels informed her that arm robbers have entered in the yard and she came in her living room and saw defendant Jonathan Williams and his two neices saying “I think he hurt but she responded to him, if he hurt take him to the hospital.

After she the Defendant to take the victim to the hospital, Defendant Williams told her that it was her business and she went back to bed.

According to Massa testimony, when she went to bed, she received a strange call from someone telling that she looking for apartment but she Massa told the person that she was just leaving the police headquarters heading to Marshall road and when she got on the Marshall road, she received call from the same person again that she could and visit she Massa the following day but she didn’t see the caller the next day.

Following the next day she woke to go on normal business, she saw the entire yard filled with police requesting to get in the pick up and she was arrested in connection with the alleged murder of the Journalist and later detained at the police headquarters.

The witness also identified the Defendant Jonathan Williams and her statement made at the police headquarters.

The witness was therefore cross examined by the defend lawyers who were present in court headed by Cllr. Jimmy Bombo.

State lawyers third witness identified as Ceasar L. Kennedy testified that on April 15,2018, he came from out and met Alice and Edwina Youtee along with a man known as Ernest Karmue in the yard but he saw different.

Witness Ceasar Kennedy during testimony told court that after he saw the yard different, he decided to ask as to what was going on but Defendant Williams told him that he was attack and he think the person is hurt and he Ceasar Kennedy told defendant Williams why can’t you take the person to hospital?

There after, he went at his house and called Ernest Karmue to give him some food to eat and why eating, defendant Williams called him without delay he came out of his house and when he out, defendant Williams Jeep engine was beating already in the fence and he asked he Ceasar to help him take victim Tyron Brown to the hospital.

Mr. Kennedy explained that when defendant Williams drove his Jeep outside the fence to where deceased Tyron Brown was lying down not far from his fence, Defendant Williams has transparent plastic with hand gloves and gave him one to put on his hand and he opened his Jeep trunk and laid down the back seat and asked he Ceasar to help defendant Williams to put the late Journalist Tyron Brown in the car.

Witness Kennedy in his testimony in Chief told court that while lifting up the victim Brown, he noticed that the late Journalist was very heavy and both of them couldn’t lift him up to place him in the car. They therefore called Ernest who was also given one glove to wear it and help them put the body in the car.

After putting the victim Tyron Brown in the Jeep, both of them got in the Jeep going toward the Kingdom care hospital just about a few meter away from the hospital, defendant Williams stopped the Jeep and pull out the sling murder Journalist body and dropped him by the road side and got into the vehicle back to their homes.

Witness Ceasar disclosed that when they returned home, defendant Williams took off his glove and placed it over a septic tank and also instructed to take off their gloves add on his own over the septic tank and asked Alice Youtee one of the Defendants in this case to bring matches and gas to burn the above name materials.

The defendant Williams burned those materials mentioned above and after some minutes they all went to bed and he couldn’t report the matter because he was involve already by carrying the body and dumped it along the way side.

He was arrested, investigated and detained at the police headquarters and later forwarded to court for criminal facilitation.

Witness Ceasar Kennedy, Massa Kennedy and Jouan Gwels were arrested and charged by the Liberian national police for criminal conspiracy but they were nulle prosequoi by the state to testify on their behalf.

Defendant Jonathan Williams was charged with murder while his two neices Edwina Youtee and Alice Youtee were charged with hindering law enforcement.

The case was transferred to Bomi County based on change of venue motion while the both Alice and Edwina Youtee hindering law enforcement case was transferred to the paynesville magisterial court.

By Shadrach D. Brown, Liberia

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