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All you need to know about Kokki Wear

Kokki Wear’s optimum objective which defines our core mission is “To create a self-sustaining African Apparel and Shoe business system that sort to incorporate the needs of our clients at the center of its dynamism.

A system that embodies the true core values of our organization, creating value for all parties which include shareholders, stakeholders and Customers”.

Our vision as a business entity is to be “The leader in the Sub-Saharan Apparel and Shoe industry, creating value for both shareholders and our clients: ultimately becomes a pride of Ghana”.

We pride ourselves in quality handmade beaded slippers, African fabric slippers, quality leather made slippers, sandals,Clutches, Hoodies, ladies and Gents shoes made to suite your taste.

Kokki wear

Kokki wear

Kokki wear

Kokki wear

Kokki Wear’s main goal is “To achieve market leadership in the eyes of clients in our chosen field of expertise, putting our client’s quest at the heart of everything we do”.

Kokki Wear group values are:
Integrity – Kokki will value personal commitment to honesty and truth. Again Kokki will reflect this in its words and actions.
Accountability-Kokki will hold itself responsible for excellence in all products and services, embracing change and encouraging innovation.

Diversity – We (Kokki Wear) value the difference between and among people, and open exchange of individual ideas and opinions.
We treat each client with respect and dignity as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Kokki wear

Our brand strength as an entity will be based on this factors:

▪ Progressiveness- We uses our expertise and understanding of clients’ needs to deliver relevant and innovative products.
▪ Accessible Expertise- Right product to the right client at the right time.
▪ Individual Recognition- Treat clients as individuals.

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Kokki wear

Kokki wear

Kokki wear

Source : Christopher Agbodo Ranson


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